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Georgia Property Management
Lighthouse Property Management of Georgia is a full service property management company that offers unmatched service & support to Georgia Homeowners, Condominiums, Community Development Districts, Commercial Associations, and beyond. 

Our mission is to offer the highest level of professionalism and property management services available to Georgia community associations.  A community association is responsible for handling the business of common interest to all the owners.  Every community association is part community,
with unique characteristics, and goals to maintain the quality of life; part business, with fiduciary duties, responsibility for management of facilities; and part governing body, providing representation for the association via decision-making as well as enforcing the rules and regulations of the association. 

Homeowners, as well as business unit owners, make substantial emotional and financial investments in their homes and communities. Therefore, homeowners are naturally concerned with regard to the health of their association.  As a result, owners have high expectations regarding the maintenance of common areas, and facilities; when properly managed and maintained improve the value of their homes and communities, and many other issues related to the quality of community life. 

The Directors and Officers of most associations volunteer their time and energy without compensation for the benefit of the entire community. Often this can be a time consuming and thankless job. It is the responsibility of the licensed & professional Community Association Manager to support the Directors and Officers of the association and to minimize the disruption of their lives that can result from their service to the community.  The Community Association Manager also acts a buffer between residents in the enforcement of the Covenants & Restrictions, By-laws, as well as with the collections of assessments. 

To meet the expectations, demands, and responsibilities of the homeowners and community associations, our Community Association Managers possess a wide range of knowledge, in a variety of areas including; finance, statutes, regulations, maintenance, insurance and personnel management.